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Privacy Fences and Their Array of Benefits

Being a good neighbor does not only call for morning greetings and frequent invitations. As a homeowner, you are entitled to valuing your personal space while respecting that of your neighbors. Tim Wood Roofing and Drywall offers professional privacy fencing services. Whether it’s to keep your outdoor pets confined to your area or to protect your family from onlookers, privacy fences enhance your privacy and add a cosmetic touch to your property. In addition, they provide a clear distinction between your neighbor’s lawn and yours. Have plants sprawled upward throughout your yard? Privacy fences provide exceptional support for your climbing Hydrangea and Boston Ivy!

A Full Range of Privacy Fences to Select From

There are many terrific options for privacy fences available on the market. From stone to wood fences, these materials are constructed and designed in a way to complement your outdoor area and align with your budget. When seeking our privacy fencing services, you are afforded plenty of options.

  • Concrete Privacy Fences
  • Stone Privacy Fences
  • Brick Privacy Fences
  • Vinyl Privacy Fences
  • Wood Privacy Fences
  • Vegetation Privacy Fences

Whether you need maximum privacy fences or privacy fences that are durable, yet flexible and impervious to decay, we have plenty of choices for your privacy fencing needs. While wood privacy fences are a more economical alternative to stone privacy fences, the latter excels at adding a decorative touch to your landscape. Consult with the San Angelo privacy fencing experts at Tim Wood Roofing and Drywall to determine which of our products speak to your needs best. We offer quality privacy fencing services that Texas homeowners can be proud of.

We are very much pleased with the work that Tim Wood Roofing and Drywall did.Jacob and his crew are doing a great job on my roof. They were always very helpful, gave us good information and always were very timely and communicated well with us on the next steps. The house needed to be re decked as well and Jacob was very nice to contact the insurance adjuster to get approvals, he new what to ask of what my policy covered and got it approved. Tim Wood Roofing and Drywall Company was Outstanding from start to finish! We would recommend you highly to anyone in need of a new roof.
- Cynthia Diaz

Jacob from Tim Wood Roofing and Drywall was very professional. He came out and did an estimate for the work and took pictures for me to submit to my insurance company for the claim I needed to make. Considering how busy companies had been after severe storms caused damage to thousands of homes, I was very satisfied with the communication and timely manner in which my roof was repaired. I would highly recommend this company.

- Jami K. | San Angelo, TX
- Dylan Calecas
-Tyler Calecas
-Cricket Ferro

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